Wednesday, 14 December 2011

My Life

i was goin out , to find a job
nothin to do , what else i can do

i just finished my SPM , nothin else to do , so i go find a job . now , i got a spot for staff at Secret Recipe at TSB Sungai Buloh near Bandar Baru , perhaps i'll get it or maybe not . i'll just wait till next year cause it will open  next year on 19 january 2012 . damn , must i have to wait that long . yes i must . well thats all . bye then

Saturday, 10 December 2011

to my lovely arwah nasuha

i wrote a song for you , just for you ,
hope that you'll hear it like i do ,
but it seems that hope just disapear ,
the smoke and dust wont clear ,
i wish you could hear ,

help me to handle this fear ,
nasuha , we miss you like the sun miss his flower ,
we miss you like the moon miss his stars ,
we miss you from the bottom of our heart ,
but all its left is just a scar ,
farewell nasuha , this is especialy for you ,
we've miss you

Lighters ( my own verse rap )

in a time your here this you probably here me in the radio in the stereo ,
from the underground zero ,
i tryin to raise up a new empire , set up a fire ,
put the lights up high in the sky high in the air ,
lights up the flare , so get up from the chair ,
join me for searching a light to bright the dark within inside ,
show your light , we dont have to hide , we still have our pride ,
i'll find my own way ,
with the help of  izzat azri and  i wont let any of these loosers for stoping me ,join me , as we can be , the future that is to to see 


watch the moon with me 
its an eclipse to see 
a full moon and it shall be 
we are under the same moon
the moon will last till noon
hope will be comin soon

Friday, 9 December 2011

i am awesome

why am i awesome ? cause i am , i love what i do in what i love to do , rap is what i do
rhyme is what i do
dance is what i love , no one can ever shove , is what i love , i come from above
headphone is what i love to hear the tone , of music , its the beat thick , i love it
dont tell what cant i do , cause this is my life and this is it